Dog Walking & Visits

Mid-day Walks and Visits ($25/30 min. visit, $40/60 min. visit, Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm):
Need someone to come let the dog out during the day, or take him or her for a walk? Have a pet with special needs who needs medication during the day while you are work? We can help with that. During our visits we will walk your dog, play, give medications, feed and water pets, or provide any other care needed during the day. We offer either 30 or 60 minute visits.
After-hours Visits ($50/30 min visit, $80/60 min. visit, 5:30pm-7:30am): 
Our own pets require that we charge more for playing with other dogs during ‘their’ time. It’s quite hard to argue with those big brown eyes when we leave! We also do not offer mid-day visits during the weekend at this time. Even though we love our jobs, we need days off too!
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