911 Visits

emergency-arrow-sign911Visit and 911Overnight ($50/30 min. visit, $150/Overnight stay):
We know that sometimes bad things happen, whether its a family emergency or a sudden unforeseen work trip. Unfortunately times like these often leave pet owners in a pickle. That’s why we offer our 911 visits. For current clients who have chosen to leave a key with us, and have signed our contracts, we will do everything we can to be sure that your pet is taken care of during your time of need. Preferably you will be able to give 24 hours notice, and we will try to accommodate your needs, whether its a simple visit to make sure your pets have been fed at night while you are away, or if you require someone to stay over night. If you require additional overnight stays after the first initial stay, regular rates will apply. Unfortunately with such short notice, we cannot always guarantee that your usual sitter will be available (though that will be our first choice), however we can guarantee that your sitter will be a highly qualified member of the Zoo Crew, given thorough instructions, and will be readily contactable. Trust us, we understand that these things come up, and the last thing we want is for you to stress about your furry family. We got you. Just call us or send us a text message with 911 noted first, and we will mobilize the Zoo Crew.