Our Promise

The Zoo Crew started as a way for us to share our experience and love of working with animals with others, but lets be serious here. It’s really a chance for animals to share their love with us. Our pets provide us with endless, unconditional love and happiness throughout their lives, a promise they make and keep without even having to say the words ‘I promise’. They just do it. As pet sitters, then, we are the lucky ones in this situation. And we know it.

So here is our promise to you and yours.

We promise to care for your pets as if they are our own.

We promise to care for your home as if it were our parents (cause we would all care for our parents’ home more than our own).

We promise to be there for your pets, when we say we will be, because we know that your pet will always be there for us, rain or shine, good times or bad.

We promise that no decision in your pets care and health will ever be taken lightly.

We promise to be a positive, happy and loving person to your pets.

We promise to treat each walk, like it is the best walk ever, each treat like it is the best treat ever, each day like it is the best day ever, because we know that to your pet, it is.

We promise to realize, acknowledge, and cherish that each moment with your pet, is a gift you have given us.

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