Our Favorites in Tacoma, WA

Here’s a list of our favorite things! Covering everything from dog parks to cafes, and the list is ever growing. Have a suggestion? Let me know cause I am always looking for new great places to treat myself and the dogs!

Dog Parks

  1. Fort Steilacoom Dog Park: Definitely the best dog park in the Tacoma area. This park had everything. Two different sized parks that are completely fenced in, running water, open fields, trails through trees, and even a few mud puddles to splash through in the winter months! Such fun for dogs! The entry point are double gated, allowing you the piece of mind that no one will escape when entering or leaving the park. And the people are great! I have always found some fun loving dog people to talk with at this park!
  2. Point Defiance Park: True there is a dedicated dog park inside Point Defiance Park, but if I am making a trip to Pt. D with my dog, we might stop by there, but for the most part we go exploring the rest of the 700 acres of beautiful old growth forest conveniently located within Tacoma. This park is the nations second largest city park, second only to Central Park. There are many different winding trails you and your dog can wander through, and for the most part feel as though you are out in the middle of know where enjoying nature beauty in all its glory. Be mindful, you most likely are not alone though. There are many critters that call the park home, including raccoons that are becoming increasingly brave as people continue to feed them through their car windows along Five Mile Drive. DO NOT APPROACH OR FEED THE ‘COONS, or any wild life for that matter. Not only could you slap yourself with a hefty fine if caught, but you and your dog could end up getting bit or otherwise seriously injured. Remember that this is their home, and you are simply admiring it. It’s a beautiful place and a Tacoma treasure.

Pet Stores

  1. Wag Pet Market: I cannot say enough good things about this store! A small privately own shop where the owner will remember you and your pet every time you come in, and greets your pup with a treat. They have all kinds of gear for cat and dog, as well as natural and holistic pet food. Need something special? Just ask. They will do everything they can to get your pet what he/she needs!
  2. Mud Bay: The best local pet store chain in the area! They began in a small shop just off Mud Bay road in Olympia, and are now one of the largest pet stores in the area specializing in natural pet food. I could spend days in this store and go completely bankrupt. I love it. It’s like shopping at the Nordstrom of dog stores. You need it, they have it. And if they don’t, they’ll get it. Cat stopped eating that bag of food half way through? Return it. They’ll do it, and give you a dozen samples to help you find your cats next food craze, wet and dry. The folks are friendly and educated. Staff members go through many animal nutrition classes to help better understand how our pets digestive systems work. Not to mention all the amazing toys and chews your dog and cat can go crazy for. If you haven’t been there, go. Now. They’re open till 9pm.

Eateries and Cafe’s

  1. Cafe Brosseau: Bring your pup in while you order! You could probably even bring your cat in if they are leash trained (which if you haven’t tried it, and you have an indoor cat, give it a try, they may love it)! Cafe Brosseau is absolutely amazing, great coffee and tea from great companies, and friendly folks to make it. You can sit in, or out while you enjoy your beverage and/or food item, and there is a water bowl provided for the pooch. A great place to walk to if you are in the north end, or proctor district.
  2. Tatanka Take Out: If you haven’t tried buffalo, you should. It’s amazing, and amazing for you! Try their buffalo burrito and you will be full for a solid two days and be blissfully happy about it. Their taco’s are scintillating and spicy, and the sides are to die for. Never thought you’d like collard greens, well this place will change your mind for sure! Stop here on your way back from a hike through Point Defiance Park, or better yet, get it to go and enjoy it at Owen’s Beach or one of the many picnic areas in the park. Once you try buffalo, you’ll be coming back for more for sure!

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