The Specialty Pet Shop

There are specialty pet stores popping up more and more often as people spend more and more money on their pets. The trend does seem to be that people are beginning to treat there pets just like their children (as it should be), if not replacing human children entirely in some cases. Stores such as Mud Bay, Lucky Dog, and Choppers are capitalizing on this trend, and as they should. They provide a superior service with superior products, and while that sometimes means prices go up, they are well worth it.

A lot of people will question me on this, noting that chain pet stores frequently have a larger selection, and sometimes do carry the same products. But here’s the difference. When I walk into a large chain pet store, I will most likely be greeted at some point by a staff person, but then left to go on my merry way to search the vast wracks of supplies till I find what I need. And I’ll admit, in doing this I usually end up finding something that I had not known that my dog needed, but can no longer live without.

In contrast, walk into a store like Wag Pet Market on Proctor and your not only greeted, but your dog is greeted and most likely offered a treat. The shop owners and workers will spend time getting to know you and your pet, then will offer their expertise in helping you find what it is you came in for. Most likely they will also give you options of other products that may help you with any problems you and your pet may face, whether thats doggy indigestion, picky kitties, fear and anxiety issues, or the latest and greatest toys to help keep your furry friends occupied. Then there’s the samples. Walk into a store like this and simply say that you are looking to change your pets food and they will send you home with an entire bag full of samples for your pets to try.

By far and away the best part of these stores is the fact that you can get to know these people, and better yet, they get to know you. They’ll know and remember that your dog cant have this or that, and will go out of their way to be sure they can accommodate that. Most of these businesses are also locally owned and operated. And we all know there is no better way to shop than local. They are often also natural and/or organic shops, where nothing inside will ever contain by-product and the ingredients within the food you will be able to pronounce.

That being said, a lot of large chain pet store are beginning to offer higher quality food, so I wont judge anyone for shopping at these stores. You are still spoiling your pet either way after all, which is all that really matters. But if you haven’t been to one of the stores mentioned above, see to it that you do, there is so much to learn from these stores and so much fun for your pets to be had.

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